About The Showing Journal

The first edition of The Showing Journal was published in June 2013.
It is a monthly magazine, dedicated to all who love showing and is full
of up-to-date articles, features, show reports and hundreds of photos from around the shows. It is taking the showing scene by storm with
all of the top producers subscribing and supporting the magazine. 

The editor, Jeanetta La-Four, has been a panel judge for several of the main societies, including the British Show Horse Association and Sport Horse Breeding, for over twenty years. She has officiated at almost every county show in the UK, including the Horse of the Year Show. She has also travelled to judge at many shows in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, Jersey and the Channel Islands as well as further afield to Australia.

‘Judging has been an amazing experience, it has been an honour to officiate and I consider myself very fortunate to have ridden some truly outstanding champions in the past two decades,’ said Jeanetta.

‘I have also enjoyed a career in equestrian writing, spanning nearly a quarter of a century, and this magazine gives me the chance to really concentrate on the discipline I adore,‘ she added. 

The Showing Journal is a glossy paid for magazine with a high
standard of design and presentation. Every issue features interesting interviews and features and the very latest news, developments and results. We hope that you will all enjoy the magazine every month.

Jeanetta La-Four 

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